Practicing Self-Care Despite Change

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with mental health issues and one of the tried-and-true methods to combat my struggles was through self-care. Self-care is something I try to practice each and every day–and although there have been times in my life when self-care has been thrown to the back burner, it has been incredibly important in the past few weeks.

Transitioning from my comfortable life in Minneapolis to a new life in Italy has completely thrown me for a loop. However, practicing self-care throughout the past few weeks has been a real life saver. It has provided me routine, purpose, a sense of pride, and comfort during a time with little structure or direction. I hope to encourage everyone to turn to a practice of self-care regardless of your current situation.

Give it just two weeks and see how the little changes add up to make a huge difference!!

My self-care routine is as basic as it gets, and looks a little something like this:



This one is absolutely #1 on the list. Hygiene at the most basic level is taking a shower and brushing your teeth each day to stay clean. You can always take this to the next level by doing things like using soap that smells ahh-mazing, brushing your hair afterwards, putting on lotion, etc.

Food & Water

We all know food & water are essential to living. But making sure you are giving your body enough water to function each day is crucial, especially in the summer time. The same principle goes for food. If there is a food that continually gives you a stomach ache, this is the time to start cutting it out of your diet. Your body deserves to be fed properly–and I’m not talking about going overboard and throwing out the contents of your fridge just to fill it up with juices and kale. I am talking about making very simple, obtainable changes to your diet, such as drinking more water than soda, eating less fast food, eating meals that make you feel full and happy, and so on…


For me personally, taking care of my body physically involves yoga and walking/hiking. I don’t like running, I am not interested in lifting weights, I am not a gym rat by any means. This is the hardest step for me to follow each day by far because I am not even strong enough to complete all of my yoga sequences/ flows without taking breaks. BUT, this is the step that always makes me feel better and more in-control of my body and the world around me. Find what feels good for you, and shoot for a very obtainable goal (I have a lot of free time right now-so that is about 30-45 minutes of light stretching a day -but I know that is not obtainable for all of you).



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